TRIS's History

In 2017, a group of Master’s and PhD students at Trinity in December 2017 started thinking about ways in which Trinity could use its wealth and public reputation as a leading educational institution to positively impact the world. TRIS was formally launched as a student society in April 2018. Since then, in the last 1.5 years, quite a bit has been achieved:


Feb 2019 A first college-wide discussion forum was held in the Master’s lodge, with attendance of around 100 students and fellows of Trinity, including the Master and Senior Bursar.

May 2019 Trinity becomes the first UK higher education institution to let its students attend Annual General Meetings of companies

July 2019 Following TRIS’s correspondence with College Council, a Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) was formed

July 2019 Trinity partially divests £200m from a tracker fund to a screened ESG fund, which for example excludes tobacco and tar sands.

Mission Statement

We have a responsibility, being in a position of privilege and from a college with considerable wealth, to use our energies to effect change for the global good. We serve this responsibility through our goal, to encourage the college into using its endowment for good, through divestment and responsible investing. We believe there is a need for an open dialogue about the college’s investments between students, fellows and college officials. To this dialogue, we will contribute constructively, bringing expert knowledge and educating ourselves and others on the impact and opportunities of our investments.

Constitution of the Society